Mediterranean Correspondent, Dani

Danielle Berclouw

Dutch Danielle has spent over a decade working on everything from creaky classics to carbon fibre racing machines, as either chief or second stewardess. Aside from the Antibes – Antigua circuit she’s also sailed to spots like Sudan and South Georgia, both on yachts that have won prizes, but also onboard boats that ran aground, or forgot to bring enough fuel! She recently made the move ashore and now lives in Palma, Mallorca, with a chocolate labrador that likes to bark at lapping waves. She’s a social media whizz and keen writer and it’s in the aforementioned Spanish super yacht hub that she keeps her ear to the ground, so she can scribble down her thoughts and findings on the latest yachting trends and industry changes.


Claire van Heerden

Claire takes charge of our on-shore media, calmly dealing with the PR and digital communications as well as coordinating the news feeds as they come in from the water. She is organized, motivated and ready with a friendly smile and helpful advice. Highly professional with a wealth of experience, she cares about making sure her clients really get what they want from their PR.


Liz George

Liz is Breeze-Studio’s creative head, an experienced broadcaster who likes nothing better than getting stuck in. Her enthusiasm is boundless – which is why she’s often banished to the water! Having spent most of her career in television, she’s a skilled storyteller who knows how to engage an audience. But she understands the importance of a business bottom line too. Click here to see more about Liz on LinkedIn.

Chris Stiven

Chris has been involved in corporate communications for more than 20 years and brings vast experience drawn from a broad range of industries worldwide.

Charming, persuasive, energetic and highly professional, she has the rare ability to write winning strategies and translate complex issues into clear messages, while adding her own unique, creative sparkle into the mix.

We are very lucky to be able to draw on her skills in particular her knowledge of Lobbying and Industry Relations.

And we love her for her sense of humour – as well as the fact that she’s as mad as a box of hares!

More about Chris on LinkedIn


Julian George

Julian is Liz’s brother and our technical and waterside consultant. Having spent most of his life in, on, or under the sea there’s nothing much that can faze him. Combine this passion with his qualifications as an aeronautical engineer and experienced commercial pilot and it’s a killer combination – things just get done, stuff gets sorted and all with a quiet, calm and capable professionalism.


Mike Cunliffe

We’re lucky enough to work with Mike our consultant film and video director and sometime surfer! Don’t be fooled by his self-effacing exterior, Mike has credits coming out of his ears both in mainstream television and high-end advertising. He’s committed, demanding and driven to tell a story – whatever he does goes that little bit further, giving our videos an added sparkle. Oh.. and he’s won awards too!

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