Behind the Pretty Pictures..

There’s a strong business story to tell:

Any social and digital media campaign needs to fit into the marketing mix.

And, just as with any traditional marketing campaign, your target audience should be identified, goals should be set and results measured.

The Breeze-Studio is a new company: Although we have a great deal of experience – having worked with organisations that are at the top of their game – we were faced with the problem of how to establish ourselves and gain brand recognition from our potential clients, from scratch.

So what was our strategy?

We decided to sponsor the Falmouth Working Boat Series of races during Falmouth Week.

These classic, hard-working, characterful yachts were a great fit for our brand and by sponsoring their races we were building visibility within our target market.

The sponsorship was just the beginning, it provided us with a vehicle to showcase what we do and by using social media we were able to place our offering in front of our potential clients and engage with them.

Here are just a few of our stats:

  • Our web-site shows a bounce rate of 47%. Google’s benchmark is between 70% and 90% (the lower the number the better).
  • Visitors to our web-site looked at more than three pages during their visit with a considerable number flowing from our Falmouth Week Blog to pages that outline our services and experience.
  • Our average “TweetReach” snapshots showed exposures of 50,000 to more than 96,000 but, more importantly, we were also re-tweeted by some key influencers within our target market.
  • Our visibility on Google + reached more than 7,000 views, again from our key sailing market.
  • And finally, our videos achieved over 1,000 views on You Tube alone and stats showed people watched them right through.

If you compare those figures to a typical e-mail marketing campaign for our sector, the click-through rate you might expect is around 3%. This shows how a carefully targeted social media campaign can yield solid results.

And there’s a secondary impact too: Our aim was not to just build numbers on our social media sites, but to build engagement. The greater the engagement and interaction, the higher you rank within the search engines. So when potential clients are searching for our services within Google we’re right there!


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